Webmarketing premium contract

For optimum presence, opt for the Webmarketing Premium package: 8 newsletters per year
+ Optimized presence on social networks. Internet users will hear from you!

Support for your web marketing by the agency

Objective: To highlight all the points of interest around your business: restaurants, monuments, museums, gardens, parks, services...


8 newsletters per year

Specialists in e-mailing since the 90s, we have acquired real expertise in the field:
design, integration, routing.

  • Initial graphic design
  • Design and integration of 8 editions
  • Setting for the sending platform
  • Management of the sending activity
  • Sending

Social Networks

2 days of installation or upgrade,
2 hours per week of posts and animation.

Monitoring & Reporting

6 reports per year, which is to say one every two months, six meetings per year likewise one every two months