Optimizing your SEO

The technical structure of the H.api solution is intended to be Seo friendly. In addition, you can increase your traffic and your chances of transformation by entrusting your SEO optimization to our team of specialists.

A specialized project manager

The agency has a project manager entirely dedicated to SEO.
He will therefore be your privileged interlocutor.


Auditing of your positioning

We undertake a very accurate audit of your positions on search engines to check the quality of your positioning.

Benchmarking with the competition

To establish an effective strategy, it is essential to have a clear idea of the positioning of your main competitors.

Analysis of relevant queries

Our specialist will use software tools to find queries that are actually made by users and their volume.

Defining a strategy

Our project manager will then establish a strategy in line with your goals and marketing position.

Content Optimization
Technical optimization
Linking development - internal and external
Optimizing social presence

Technical interventions

Our technical teams can work on your site to include anything that will help with SEO referencing.

Adjustments of texts (semantics)

SEO is basically based on the content of your website, which is why our specialist can suggest improvements to the text.

Monitoring of results

Monitoring of results is essential: development of your positions on search engines, development of traffic to your website ... the quantitative point of view but also qualitative.

Regular check-ups

To keep you informed of the work done and the results obtained, we prepare quarterly results that are presented at a meeting.