Geolike : geocaliser vos meilleures adresses

Build customer loyalty by providing an unparalleled geolocation service showing the best places around your property.

A module to monetize the environment of your hotel

Objective: To highlight all the points of interest around your business: restaurants, monuments, museums, gardens, parks, services...

A real preparation service for your customers’ stay

Your visitors can create an account and save points of interest that caught their attention to print and retrieve from their personal space.

A module that allows you to establish partnerships

You can offer your partners to option to appear on your module and so exchange links and services ...

An efficient system of geolocation

A Google Maps system allows visitors to view the exact location of each point of interest easily.

A calendar of recent interesting events

You can also advise your visitors of the main events which are taking place or will take place near your property.


It is also possible to provide tips: either offers from your business or offers from your selected partners.

Standalone updating of all content

You can update all content on Geolike via a back-office which is very easy to use.

A module that fits all existing sites

You can connect this service to any existing website via a simple link.
Everything will be personalized with the colours of your main site.