Benefits of customization and support

The online service H.api is backed by the expertise of a real agency. So you can enjoy a wide range of customized services and support.

An original, graphic and ergonomic interface

Our solution offers a number of basic customization options. But it is always possible to go further by creating a completely original interface.

Quality professional photo reportage

Visual quality is crucial to any hotel web site. We can offer you the services of our specialist photographer partners.

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Video to enhance the atmosphere of your hotel

Internet is essentially a multimedia channel. Thus highlighting a video of your business is a definite plus.

Writing texts on the site

Quality text presentation is a critical success factor on a hotel web site.
We work with skilled professional writers who can help you in this task.

Translations. Traductions

We have developed a network of reliable translators who can help you with the translation of texts from your website.

Entering content

We would be happy to take over the management of the first entry of all content on your site (text and visual) for optimal results.

The development of specific features

By our experienced technical team, who are specialized in the hotels industry...

Quality professional photo reportage