H.apiA back office for your business, rich and intuitive

A revolutionary back office that leads you by the hand through all the elements of your website (site map, content, colours, ...) and also covers the whole life cycle thereof (creation, update, animation, but also evolution).

Management of the sitemap

You can easily add, hide, or delete a page from your website.

Management of templates

You select the structure of each of your pages yourself: 1, 2, 3 columns, or a specific template.

Language Management

You can easily define the language versions that offer your website. Furthermore, the addition of a new language is greatly simplified by a system that facilitates the integration of dictionary translations.

Management of text

Text input and editing is very easy from your back office.
You can also make the layout very intuitive.

Management of visuals

The addition, modification or deletion of graphics on your website is a real breeze.
In addition, you can opt for a full-screen website with visual high resolution.

Weather widget

You will be able to display a weather module for the actual day and the forthcoming days on your site.
This module will give your site a dynamic dimension and will be a bonus in terms of SEO.

Management of videos

On our platform you can easily integrate videos from video sharing websites.

Management of highlighted inserts

To highlight certain information, offers, events, ...
We offer tailored layouts.

Management of special offers

For all hotels managers, the highlighting and regular updating of special offers is an essential action.
We offer the ability to do so very easily from the back office. With some systems partners you can even synchronize deals directly with your booking system and avoid duplicate entries.

Management of rooms

The presentation of rooms and suites requires great care. It enables you to price them at a fair value. The direct reservation link will help to improve the efficiency of your business.

Management of document downloads

You can offer your visitors the option to download all relevant documents: presentation brochures, restaurant menus, seminars schedules, maps...

Monitoring of contact requests

All contact requests from your website will be stored safely in your back office.

Monitoring of registrations to your newsletter

In the back-office, you monitor and export the list of registrations to your newsletter made from your website.